BREAKING: Obama Used NSA to Tape GOP Rep. Phone Calls... Look What He Did With Recordings Click to Tweet

A report in The Wall Street Journal Tuesday revealed that President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency intercepted calls between House Republicans and members of Jewish and Israeli lobbying groups, reporting on Iran deal strategy to the president.


The NSA claimed that its recordings were obtained during the normal course of their espionage against the state of Israel. However, the report raised troubling questions about what the president and his administration did with the information they received.

The Nixonian recordings revealed that Republicans and Jewish groups were coordinating on messaging to oppose the Iran nuclear deal, which both opposed.

The report also revealed an even wider scope of NSA spying, including espionage against Israel that was initiated by the Jewish state’s opposition to the proposed Iran deal.

The Obama administration reportedly had the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wired, and updates about Netanyahu’s conversations were regularly sent to the White House for analysis.

Even though the leaders of other foreign governments had frequently complained about the NSA’s wide-ranging spying on their governments under Obama — both French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been critical of Obama’s espionage directed at their governments — Obama still felt the campaign against Israel was based around a “compelling national security purpose.”

Of course, that’s the same thing that Nixon’s people eventually tried to argue regarding the Watergate bugging, too…

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