BREAKING: Obama Furious After Learning Who GOP Invited to Sit in Speaker's Box at State of the Union Click to Tweet

President Barack Obama may want his last State of the Union speech to be about his liberal agenda and how his failed presidency is actually a success. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican speaker of the House, wants the focus to be on something else: The people the president’s agenda has attacked.


According to The Washington Post, Ryan has invited two nuns from the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Roman Catholic religious order the Obama administration is fighting over the contraception clause in the Affordable Care Act.

The Little Sisters of the Poor were eligible for the conscience clause under the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) because of the Roman Catholic church’s belief that contraception is a sin.

This should have freed the order from being required to provide contraception coverage for their female employees. However, because of a workaround created by the Department of Health and Human Services, the nuns would still be forced to provide coverage through a third party.

Ryan, a Roman Catholic himself, invited two sisters from the group — Sister Loraine Marie Maguire, the order’s mother provincial, and Sister Constance Veit — to sit in the speaker’s box for Tuesday’s speech.

“The Little Sisters of the Poor care for the most vulnerable among us, and they should be free to practice their faith without the threat of government interference or intimidation,” Ryan said in a statement. “The Sisters’ stand in defense of religious liberty — one of our most fundamental rights — is nothing short of courageous, and it’s my privilege to support their cause”…

Source: BREAKING: Obama Furious After Learning Who GOP Invited to Sit in Speaker’s Box at State of the Union