What short memories some people have. Liberals quickly forget and dismiss atrocities from our not too distant past.

The New York City Council recently revealed themselves to be about as far left as possible by voting to posthumously honor a convicted and executed communist spy.

The city council issued a proclamation this week honoring the late Ethel Rosenberg for “demonstrating great bravery,” clinging to the long-debunked theory that she was wrongly accused, convicted and executed for her role as a spy for the Soviet Union.

Daniel Dromm, a Democrat from Queens, remarked, “A lot of hysteria was created around anti-Communism and how we had to defend our country, and these two people were traitors, and we rushed to judgment and they were executed,” according to National Review.

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were tried and convicted for stealing state secrets regarding the U.S. atomic bomb program and turning that information over to the Soviets.

Though some Democrats, progressives and outright communist sympathizers still proclaim Ethel’s innocence, there is no denying that she was involved in the Soviet spy ring, as even her own family has admitted it.

Former Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev thanked both of the Rosenbergs by name in his memoirs for the help they provided to the Soviet nuclear weapons program.

The Rosenberg’s handler, Aleksandr Feklisov, wrote in his papers, now declassified from the Soviet archives, about the exact level of involvement and what sort of role Ethel played in the spy ring.

Source: BREAKING: NYC Just Did Something SICK For This Infamous Commie Traitor