This is absolutely massive.

Did you do something good today? Mow the lawn? Help out a neighbor? Take your spouse out to dinner?

Congratulations — you did more than what President Barack Obama did to earn his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. And while most Americans have acknowledged this for years, now the former head of the Nobel Prize committee is acknowledging it, as well.

In a just-published memoir, former director at the Nobel Institute Geil Lundestad admits that the committee’s choice was more based on their hopes for Obama as opposed to any concrete actions taken by the president.

Gee, you think?

According to the Washington Times, Lundestad said that the committee “thought it would strengthen Obama and it didn’t have this effect.”

“Even many of Obama’s supporters thought that the prize was a mistake,” Lundestad said. In his book, Lundestad “expressed regret that the decision had been based in a hope for the future rather than recognition of past accomplishments, and that their expectations for Mr. Obama were not fulfilled.”

Of course, former winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include a terrorist (Yasser Arafat), a Soviet premier (Mikhail Gorbachev), a global warming alarmist credibly accused of sexual assault on a masseuse (Al Gore) and a failed former president with a vicious streak of antisemitism (Jimmy Carter).

These recipients — in addition to tinpot dictators and internationalist hacks too numerous to mention who have received the award over the years — prove that Obama was in good company.

Source: BREAKING: Nobel Panel Member Makes Bombshell Admission About Obama’s Peace Prize