He makes his living by talking, so when conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh can’t find the words he wants, you know something dramatic has taken place.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday when El Rushbo touched on the subject of the seventh Planned Parenthood video, just released by the Center for Medical Progress earlier in the day.

The video featured, among other things, additional interview footage with Holly O’Donnell, a “former technician for Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress,” Rush explained, adding that StemExpress no longer worked with the abortion provider.

But what O’Donnell revealed about the activities of Planned Parenthood left even Limbaugh speechless as he tried to describe them.

“‘I want you to see something kind of cool, kind of neat,’ O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her after performing an abortion. She was shocked to see ‘the most gestated fetus, the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen,’” Rush quoted from coverage of the video.

The “kind of cool, kind of neat” thing was the supervisor tapping the heart of a recently aborted child and watching it start beating.

“And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think,” O’Donnell said.

And that’s when Rush began to lose it.

“You know what they did to this one? (disgusted sigh) It’s unspeakable. It is unspeakable here, what has been released,” Rush said.

“How about — ? (disgusted sigh) I don’t know how — I just don’t know how to — There’s no way to even soften this. (disgusted sigh) How about slicing open the face to get to an intact brain?” he tried to explain.

“It’s just — It’s unspeakable — and it’s routine. It’s just routine. And it’s got — The practice has its defenders. The defenders are all in the Democrat Party. You don’t find — I can’t find any — defenders of this in the Republican Party. I’m sorry to make it partisan, but, I mean, there’s an undeniable fact about all of this.”

But Rush’s real concerns were obviously not about partisanship — they were about the atrocities being committed daily in America that most of the country doesn’t seem to care very much about.

“In case I didn’t make myself clear, I — (disgusted sigh) It’s just tough,” he again tried to explain. “The point about the latest video from Planned Parenthood is that the brain harvested from the aborted baby was taken while the baby was still alive, folks. That’s why the StemExpress woman is marveling. She’s holding it. She’s holding it in her hand. It’s actually a baby. It’s a baby.”

Source: BREAKING: Newest Planned Parenthood Vid So Gut-Wrenching Rush Goes Silent