Good for him.

Under President Barack Obama, diplomatic relations between the United States and Israel have reached a very low point as a result of Obama’s policies toward Israel.

It’s reportedly become so bad that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declined an offer to come to Washington, D.C., and meet with Obama, according to Breitbart.

This is a huge snub. Most foreign dignitaries, even if their countries don’t have the best of relationships with the United States, would never turn down an offer to meet with the leader of the free world.

This time, Netanyahu has sent the message loud and clear: He’s done with President Obama.


“We were looking forward to hosting the bilateral meeting, and we were surprised to first learn via media reports that the prime minister, rather than accept our invitation, opted to cancel his visit,” a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, Ned Price, stated.

What a surprise … the White House learned about something major from media reports again.

This dust-up also came as Israel and the United States worked on a new $10 billion defense aid agreement which has been taking a while to negotiate.

Thankfully Netanyahu probably won’t have to wait much longer to have a president in the White House who will actually respect Israel and side with them against the terrorists in the region.

Source: BREAKING: Netanyahu Humiliates Obama in Front of Whole World… Issues MASSIVE Insult