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I know where I WON’T be shopping…

In typical knee-jerk liberal thinking, several anti-gun groups have managed to persuade stores in recent years to ask customers not to bring guns into their stores, as if that would somehow stop crime.

The Charlotte Observer reported that The Fresh Market has become the latest chain to disallow guns on its premises, claiming that this will create a safer environment.

The group “Moms Demand Action” submitted a petition to the store with nearly 4,000 signatures, and rather than stand up for the Constitution, the store simply swept the Second Amendment under the rug because 4,000 people asked them to.

“We respectfully request that our customers refrain from bringing firearms and other weapons into our stores,” said a spokeswoman. This is “to ensure a welcoming environment where our customers and employees feel safe, and treat one another with kindness and respect while shopping and working.”

I’m sure the customers and employees will feel real safe when an armed robber shows up and they can’t do anything about it.

Ironically enough, this store has absolutely no way of enforcing this rule — they can’t stop and search everyone to make sure they aren’t concealed carrying.

“This was not a decision that was taken lightly nor in response to pressure from any outside group,” the spokeswoman said, completely ignoring the fact that Moms Demand Action was the “outside group” that started this whole mess.

“After examining the issue from many different angles, we feel that this is a balanced policy that is in keeping with our brand and our desire to maintain a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in our stores, while still respecting the rights of all our customers,” she said.

Someone please explain how not allowing Americans to carry their firearms is “respecting” their rights.


Source: BREAKING: National Grocery Chain Demands Concealed Carriers Leave Guns Outside