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Over the past couple of years, there has been a concerted effort by various grass-roots groups to organize a so-called Article V Convention of the States with the goal of amending the Constitution to rein in the federal government.


The state-led effort at imposing term limits on Congress and mandating that they balance the budget just received an endorsement from a major Republican presidential candidate, according to Fox News.

“My first day in office I will announce I am a supporter,” declared Florida Sen. Marco Rubio during a campaign rally Tuesday in Iowa.

Rubio has expressed some support for a convention in the past, but this was his most forceful and pointed declaration of support to date.

He went on to tell rally-goers that he would “put the weight of the presidency” behind the effort to bring about a convention, if he were elected to the Oval Office.

An Article V Convention needs two-thirds of the states to file an “application” with Congress, and while enough states have expressed some support or taken steps to officially apply, differences in wording and concerns over rules for the convention have delayed progress thus far.


Source: BREAKING: Major GOP Presidential Candidate Endorses “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama