BREAKING: ISIS Leader Arrested In Minnesota... Even More Chilling Is Where He Worked Click to Tweet


A 20-year-old man from Eagan, Minnesota, accused of providing material support to the Islamic State group appeared before a federal judge Thursday morning.

Abdirizak Warsame was only one accused in a massive terrorism case involving 10 others, according to MPR News.

Worse, Warsame was employed as a security guard who worked for Securitas, and therefore presumably responsible for the safety of American lives and property.

Last year nine others were arrested for attempting to join the Islamic State terror group. One of those men, Abdi Nur, allegedly did make it to Syria.

Warsame, who was arrested Wednesday evening, was deeply involved with the group of men and, at one point, was named their leader, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Warsame stood accused of providing another defendant, Adnan Farah, $200 for a passport application. He also reportedly sought to put another man, Yusuf Jama, in touch with Islamic State group contacts.

Warsame planned to join the Islamic State group and travel to Syria with some of his friends as early as March 2014. He applied for a passport in April 2014 but was unable to obtain one when he told authorities that his reason for applying for the passport was to travel to Australia, though his application mentioned an upcoming family reunion in Great Britain…

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