Obama with photo credit

Who didn’t see this coming?

One of the many criticisms of President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is that it lifts economic sanctions and unfreezes Iranian assets, making the Islamic Republic flush with cash.

Many have voiced concerns that this massive influx of cash could be used by Iran to help fund terrorism across the region and around the globe — and rightfully so, as it didn’t take long for these critics to be proven right.

Though the deal has yet to be made official or the sanctions actually lifted, Iran is so sure of the outcome that it has already begun increasing the funding being sent to terror groups Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, according to The Times of Israel.

Hezbollah, for its part, has used the increased funding to purchase advanced weaponry from the Russians, the same type of weaponry being provided by the Russians to the Assad regime in Syria.

As Hezbollah continues to move into parts of Syria, ostensibly to fight against the Islamic State group and the Al Nusra Front, they are also setting up in the Golan Heights along the border with Israel, threatening imminent attack on the Jewish nation.

Meanwhile, Iran has reportedly sent “suitcases of cash” to the leaders of the military wing of Hamas in Gaza, no doubt permitting them to re-arm and make preparations for the inevitable resumption of hostilities with Israel.

This is a bad deal that will permit Iran not only to obtain a nuclear weapon, but also to fund terrorism all around the world, making us all a little less safe. Thanks, Obama.

Source: BREAKING: Iran Is Already Spending Obama’s Nuclear Deal Money… But HOW Is Terrifying