A man identifying himself as a U.S. Marine combat veteran has threatened to arrest Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow over her support of the Iranian nuclear deal, Roll Call reported.

In an open letter purportedly written by Jon Ritzheimer on Monday, he states,  “We are planning on arresting Senator Debbie Stabenow, who voted yes to the Iran Nuke Deal. She will be arrested for treason under Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution.”

“We have chosen her as our first target due to our strong ties with the Michigan State Militia and their lax gun laws that will allow us to operate in a manner necessary for an operation like this,” he added.

Ritzheimer claimed that Sen. Stabenow will only be the first arrest that he and his militia will carry out.

“(We) will continue to move across the country and arrest everyone involved with the Iran Nuke Deal,” the letter stated. The list of people they intend to arrest includes President Barack Obama.

“There is no reason these people can’t be held accountable and have their day in court. I have notified law enforcement about these intentions,” said Ritzheimer in his letter.

“….more than any amount of money I would rather have fellow patriots join me and go shoulder to shoulder with me. Our strength is in our numbers. We The People are what will fix the problems in our country.”

Capitol police were monitoring this situation, according to Roll Call, but would not comment further on the matter.

Source: BREAKING: Ex-Marine Threatens to ARREST Top Dem Senator for Supporting Obama’s Agenda