This is HUGE … she should be very afraid.

The walls are beginning to close in on Hillary Clinton. After the FBI obtained Clinton’s personal email server last month and determined that there was classified information on it, they’ve now managed to retrieve data that Hillary thought she had “wiped” from the device.

“Wiping” is a sort of intensive form of deleting that’s supposed to render the data totally inaccessible to anyone — just the sort of transparent move one expects from the Clintons. However, according to Bloomberg Business, the FBI’s investigation has managed to recover some of the data that Hillary wanted gone.

The number of emails retrieved by the FBI is not known, nor is the content of them.

Clinton and her campaign have long maintained that they had turned over all relevant material to either the State Department or the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and that no classified material was handled on the personal server.

However, committee Republicans have long accused Clinton and her team of stonewalling them and not providing email in a timely manner. In addition, internal government watchdogs proved that classified email had been handled on the server, which prompted the FBI investigation.

Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman, said, “We’ve cooperated to date and will continue to do so, including answering any questions about this that anyone including the public may have.”

Whether he managed to say that with a straight face is anyone’s guess, but my money’s on no.

Source: BREAKING: FBI Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Hillary’s “Wiped” Server… Time to Panic