“The Donald” scores with America’s vets.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced a plan to reform the veterans health system at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia, with a goal all Americans should support.

“We’re going to take care of those wounded warriors and we’re going to take care of our vets better than anybody,” he said, speaking in front the USS Wisconsin.

Trump assured veterans that under his administration, they would receive better healthcare and receive it more quickly, according to The Hill.

“The plan will ensure our veterans get the care they need, wherever and whenever they need it,” he said.

Trump said he would establish policies that would allow VA facilities to compete with non-VA facilities.

He also said his plan would allow any veteran to go to a doctor that accepts Medicare.

Trump used the long waiting times at VA hospitals last year as his reasoning for revamping the system.

“Think about me going to my doctor’s office and waiting four days,” he said. “If I wait 15 minutes, I’m angry as hell at the doctor.”

In speaking of the current system, Trump said, “I don’t want to get rid of it, I want to supplement it,” he said.

Trump’s new plan, which is posted on his website, includes funding for post traumatic stress disorder, improved services for female veterans and job training and placement services. Trump also said he would fire corrupt executives, end waste and modernize facilities so vets can get up-to-date treatment.

“With these steps, the Trump plan will help the veteran community put the unnecessary stigma surrounding mental health behind them and instead encourage acceptance and treatment in our greater society,” said Trump, who has already taken action on his own to support the country’s veterans.

Source: BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Announcement That Vets Are Going to LOVE