Kim Jung un freeuse

“These are among the toughest measures…”

Earlier this year, North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear weapon test, in addition to a long-range missile test, in direct violation of UN nonproliferation agreements.

In response to this, the UN Security council voted Wednesday to increase sanctions against the communist nation, implementing the most severe round of sanctions yet.

Instead of this bringing North Korea into line, however, the communist nation is supposedly readying its nuclear arsenal to be used “at any time.” Kim Jung-un has also declared that it will enhance its military preparedness so that it can carry out a preemptive attack at any moment, making the situation precarious.

“We must always be ready to fire our nuclear warheads at any time,” said the communist dictator.

According to British ambassador Matthew Rycroft, “These are among the toughest measures we have agreed [on] against any country in the world, certainly the toughest ever against the DPRK.”

As part of the new sanctions against the rogue nation, all cargo destined for and leaving North Korea must be inspected in all ports, whether by air or sea. In addition, the resolution outright bans or restricts North Korean exports of coal, iron and iron ore, and minerals, which comprises a large chunk of the country’s economy.

The bans also restrict the sale of aviation fuel to the country, which could be used for rockets, and tightens banking restrictions. Any flights into the country suspected of carrying contraband are to be banned and any North Korean diplomat engaged in smuggling will be expelled from their host country as well.

Source: Breaking: North Korea Leader Just Made Chilling Demand One Day After UN Penalized His Country