Good for him!

Mark Schierbecker, the Mizzou student behind the video catching the University of Missouri’s communications professor Melissa Click calling for pushback against the media, preventing the protest from being covered, filed charges against her with the University of Missouri police department.

Schierbecker told Breitbart News, “I pressed charges against Melissa Click and also the former Associate Dean for undergraduate studies at the Journalism school just filed a formal complaint with the Title IX office about her.”

KSDK reported that police department spokesperson Major Brian Weimer said the complaint had been filed and “We are looking into this and following up.”

Click was caught calling for “muscle” to get Schierbecker removed from recording the protest that has sparked national outrage across the nation. In the video, Click attempts to grab Schierbecker’s camera and stop him from filming of the protest. To watch the video, click here.

These liberal professors need to learn that there’s such as thing as freedom of the press and a rule of law in our nation.

Source: Mizzou Student Files Charges Against Melissa Click