This is so messed up. Wow.

According to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has fallen a staggering 31 percent with black Democrat voters.

In what appeared to be an effort to bump those numbers back to where they had been, her campaign asked the predominantly African American Church of God in Christ multiple times if she could speak at its upcoming convention, among other events.

Their response? Nope. Absolutely not.

Leaders listened to their congregations, who feared that Democrats like Clinton were only there to take advantage of them during election season. Their popular denomination, which is comprised of some 12,000 churches across the country, has tremendous reach within the black community.

Breitbart reported that Clinton’s team had asked COGIC if she could speak at the congregation meeting of bishops and at a women’s convention. But when Breitbart asked Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill about the requests, he replied, “That’s simply not true.”

What makes Clinton and her campaign look even worse after being turned down is that by their denial that they asked for speaking time, they’re accusing a massive Christian church of lying.

So, let’s take a quick poll for our readers. Who do you think is lying in this situation? The leaders of COGIC, or a scandal-ridden, deceitful and conniving career politician?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Source: BREAKING: Black Pastors Tell Hillary “NO,” So She Gets This SICK Revenge