“…whether or not they will listen, I don’t know.”

Less than a day after one protester was fatally shot and several others were arrested during an interaction with law enforcement officers, the currently incarcerated leader of an armed occupation of a federally operated Oregon wildlife refuge is urging those left behind to leave the premises and return home. According to several reports, Ammon Bundy spoke to the occupiers through his attorney on Wednesday.


The Hill’s Devin Henry reported the Bundy, who gained national attention in 2014 during a standoff with Bureau of Land Management agents on the land his family had used for generations, was among six individuals — including his brother, Ryan — who were arrested following the traffic stop. Police took two other protesters into custody a short time later.


Following the arrests, FBI agents urged dozens of occupiers who remained at the refuge to leave the property. Most stayed put, however, with Ammon Bundy’s wife included among those who declined the federal invitation to go home.

At least one unidentified occupier reportedly acknowledged that a family member has expressed a desire to leave the federal land because, as The Oregon’s Dave Killen reported, “several occupiers were preparing an aggressive stand against police.”

Source: Breaking: Ammon Bundy Just Sent Unexpected Order To All Remaining Occupiers