This cannot happen.

Recent news about the forthcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Paris is raising alarms about just how much sovereignty the U.N. will have over domestic issues.

According to a draft document released by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, participating nations have drawn up a treaty that would create an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice.”

This tribunal would give Third World countries the ability to bring charges against the United States and take it to court.

Congress would be completely sidestepped if this deal goes through, according to WND.

The document states that the tribunal would address certain issues such as “climate justice,” “climate finance” and “climate debt.”

While the document is still in its draft form, the purpose set forth is very revealing in regard to any intentions dealing with the United States. It claims to address “cases of non-compliance … including through the development of an indicative list of consequences, taking into account the cause, type, degree and frequency of non-compliance.

Craig Rucker, executive director and co-founder of Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, expresses concerns over the document.

“Now they want the power to haul the U.S. and its allies before a U.N. Star Chamber to enforce compliance,” Rucker wrote on the CFACT website.

“Whatever they call it, countries who sign onto this agreement will be voting to expand the reach of the U.N. climate bureaucracy, cede national sovereignty, and create a one-way street along which billions will be redistributed from developed to poor nations,” Rucker said.

“Developed nations would be expected to slash their emissions while the ‘poor’ countries expand theirs. China, which holds a trillion dollars in U.S. debt, would be counted among the poor.”

Rucker said President Barack Obama and John Kerry are “desperate” to call the treaty a foreign policy “success.”

However, we know anything Obama calls a success is more than likely going to be a detriment to America.

Source: BREAKING: Americans on HIGH Alert After UN Plans “Court” to Bring U.S. to “Justice” for INSANE Reason