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As most everybody knows by now, President Barack Obama is expected to issue unilateral executive actions on gun control within days, having been stymied repeatedly by a Congress unwilling to further infringe upon the Second Amendment.

Obama will most likely attempt to expand background checks on firearm purchases by reclassifying more individuals as “gun dealers” who must be licensed and regulated by the feds, as well as other actions that tinker around the edges and do nothing to actually address the alleged problem of “gun violence.”

Meanwhile, Texas has become the latest state to allow some individuals to openly carry their holstered sidearms, and many other states are working towards relaxing gun control laws and respecting the rights of their citizens, according to former Florida U.S. Rep. and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West.

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On his website Monday, West reported on this “interesting juxtaposition,” of Obama seeking to infringe upon the Second Amendment while many states and millions of American citizens are moving towards greater respect of our gun rights.

Pointing out that none of Obama’s likely proposals would have done anything to stop December’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, West noted that Obama is merely attempting to take advantage of a supposed “crisis” to advance his anti-gun agenda.

However, Obama consistently ignores the real issues behind the so-called “epidemic of gun violence” often cited by gun-grabbers, such as a “lack of quality education, breakdown of the family, and better economic opportunities in the inner cities.”

In response to Obama’s unilateral actions that would strip gun rights from American citizens and make it more difficult for individuals to arm themselves, West made two propositions.

First, since guns are so bad and scary and dangerous, West thinks the Secret Service should be defunded and disarmed, as Obama shouldn’t be protected by guns if American citizens aren’t allowed to protect ourselves with guns.

Second, and most importantly, West called for civil disobedience on the part of American citizens in regards to Obama’s gun control actions.

Citing the civil disobedience of the civil rights movement that led to monumental changes in society, as well as the fact that the feds can’t arrest us all, West simply called for American gun owners to ignore any and all executive actions put forth by Obama that infringe upon the Second Amendment.


Source: BREAKING: Allen West Just Called for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE In Order To Stop Obama’s Next Move