This additional vote for a Convention of the States made Obama very unhappy. Good.

The Tennessee state House last week ratified a Senate measure calling for an Article V Convention of the States, and by doing so, it became the fifth state in the Union to take a stand against President Barack Obama’s oppressive and authoritarian regime.

“We all know that right now, we are in a position that the federal government is not delegating authority, they are not limiting authority … and it’s time for us to take advantage of this constitutional remedy for a federal government that is out of control,” state Rep. Sheila Butt, a top Republican, said prior to the measure’s passage, according to CNS News.

Were such a convention to occur, it would permit the states to draft amendments to the U.S. Constitution so as to rein in both our behemoth federal government and our despotic president, who capriciously tosses out executive orders whenever he sees fit.

Two-thirds of the 50 state legislatures must adopt an Article V Convention resolution before it can formally be scheduled. So far, only Tennessee, Alabama, Alaska, Florida and Georgia have done so.

Support for a Convention of the States has been slow to develop primarily because of a fear that it might be misused to advance the agendas of lobbyists and other such nefarious figures.

Plus, according to Texas activist Barbara Harless, the addition of new amendments at a constitutional convention would do nothing whatsoever to deal with what she contended was the real problem: Lack of enforcement.

“A con-con is a bad idea because no matter how many good amendments are adopted, they won’t make the first 10 any more enforceable,” she said last March, after some of the legislators in her state began calling for an Article V Convention.

However, a measure similar to Tennessee’s has already reportedly been introduced in 33 other state legislatures this year, so it looks more and more likely that Butt and others like her might just get their patriotic dream fulfilled indeed.

Source: BREAKING: 5th State Votes For “Convention of the States” to STOP Obama In His Tracks