Photo: CBS News

Several men were wanted by Minneapolis police Tuesday in the shooting of five Black Lives Matter movement members who had been protesting the shooting death by police of African-American Jamar Clark, 24.

Protesters have daily gathered a block from the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct since the Nov. 15 shooting occurred, but Monday night, they weren’t alone.

Police said that three “white male suspects” were being sought for shooting five protesters. Fortunately, all five were expected to survive, The Washington Post reported.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis ascribed the shootings to “white supremacists” and vowed not to be intimidated.

And for once, we agree with them.

Details surrounding the shooting, according to The Post, remained “murky,” but there are some things that were crystal clear.

Whether or not these shootings were at the hands of white supremacists, as Black Lives Matter members have claimed, they were reprehensible.

Racism is not a conservative value.

Shooting people — or, for that matter, trying in any way to stop individuals — who are exercising their First Amendment-guaranteed rights to free speech and free expression is not a conservative act. It’s fascism, at best.

But whatever label we put on it, it’s sad and detestable. And, assuming the five people shot were not armed or acting in a threatening manner, it’s also downright cowardly.

Who is so concerned about what Black Lives Matter protesters say — whether truth or otherwise — that they feel the need to take such a step to silence them?

Let’s be clear: We don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. But that’s not to say that we don’t think that black lives matter. They matter just as much as any lives. Everyone’s right to life is God-given and precious, regardless of how they might describe themselves.

There is nothing conservative, nothing courageous, nothing democratic, nothing American about trying to silence those with whom we disagree.

This type of cowardly act further promotes the increasingly violent racial divide in this nation and has the potential to propel us into a culture war that we’re ill equipped to handle.

Source: BREAKING REPORT: 5 Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot In Minneapolis… This Is Unacceptable