A boy who escaped from an ISIS terror camp where children were taught to behead people has revealed the horrors of the training regime.

Raghab Ahmed, 14, was made to appear in Islamic State propaganda videos where youngsters as young as five were shown how to kill.

The teenager said the jihadis taught him to slaughter “infidels” by saying: “Grab the head, pull it back and cut from the neck”.

The shocking footage shows Raghab and other young ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ locking and loading AK47 assault rifles, as well as performing military exercises.

But by enlisting the help of a people trafficker, the boy and his family managed to escape the camp.

Now Raghab is sharing his terrifying story with the world.

He told the Mail Online: “They [ISIS] taught us how to use a weapon and how to kill people.”

In the video, Raghab can bee seen with an Islamic State commander called Abu Walid, from Saudi Arabia.

The teenager described him as “nasty” and says he was involved with “buying and selling people” for the group’s sex slave trade.

Raghab, along with his mum, dad, brother Gatay and sister, were kidnapped by the terrorists in northern Iraq last August.


The boy said they took the men first, then the women, then children – the men were then slaughtered.

Raghab didn’t see the massacre, but heard “shooting and screaming”.

The family are Yazidi, who ISIS sees as ‘devil worshippers’ because their religion has elements of Christianity and Islam.

Those captured are often given a choice; convert to Islam or die.

Raghab was then separated from his family and taken to Badush Prison, in Mosul.

He says he was beaten and abused for 15 days, before being taken back to his mother.

An ISIS man then came and said the sons would be taken for “basic training”, Raghab’s mum Kamila Hussin said.

Raghab was taken to the Farouk Institute for Cubs – ISIS’ terror camp – for training as a child killer.

There were around 65 other students in the camp – 50 Yazidis and 15 Muslim volunteers from Syria.

The family were then passed on to a Syrian fighter, to serve him, before relatives managed to raise the cash for their smuggled escape.

ISIS child training camp

Source: Boy taught to behead people by Islamic State reveals horror of children’s terrorist training camp – Mirror Online