Don’t you just love it when Obama gets stopped in his tracks and has to put away his “phone and his pen”?

From Western Journalism:

President Barack Obama’s plan to impose strict new regulations on U.S. power plants hit a significant legal snag on Tuesday with a split decision by the nation’s highest court. According to news reports, the 5 to 4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling put up an immediate roadblock, blocking the implementation of carbon emission caps favored by the Obama administration.

As Fox News reported this week, Obama has defended his plan to slash power plant emissions by insisting it would help stave off the effects of global warming. Under his proposal, each state would be required to submit a proposal by this September to the Environmental Protection Agency, detailing how power plants located within its borders would cut carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 33 percent before 2030.

Every once in a while the Supreme Court gets one right.

This is one such occasion.

Source: YES! Supreme Court Delivers Huge Blow to Obama, Says This About his Exec. Orders…