She NAILED it.

Plenty of conservatives noticed the undisguised bias in Wednesday night’s GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado, mostly on the part of the CNBC moderator panel.

One of the more prominent social media users who noticed the bias was former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. In a Facebook post, the conservative icon ripped into CNBC — and the GOP establishment that let something like this happen.

Palin started off the post by giving a shout-out to Breitbart reporter John Nolte, who had been one of the most critical voices on social media of the lines of questioning CNBC pursued.

“(W)e need to thank God you’re there, calling out unethical reporters,” Palin wrote.

That, however, was the only good things Palin had to say about anybody.

“NBC — you need to fire your unethical reporter, John Harwood,” Palin said, referring to the now much-reviled moderator of Wednesday’s debate. “John Harwood — you need to act before you get fired. You lie. Don’t be a weasel. Just resign.

(Harwood lied about Rubio’s tax plan during the debate and Rubio called him on it.)

And the CNBC moderators weren’t the only ones on the receiving end of Palin’s wrath. She also had it in for the RINO GOP establishment who let such an unethical debate happen.

“GOP Establishment — you need to cure your shrinkage away from holding the left accountable,” Palin wrote “Obviously leftist lapdogs in the media lie about conservatives. You too often cowardly refuse to defend the mainstream media’s target, choosing instead to slyly witness the conservative’s record and reputation get pummeled.

“C’mon, GOP leaders. YOU MUST DO BETTER,” she continued. “We’ve got our hands full with things like the destructive, burgeoning $18 trillion U.S. debt receiving nary a yawn from old and new Republican machine operators.”

It’s hard to imagine another debate happening like this week’s did, especially given the backlash from conservatives — both in the audience at the event and in America at large.

Do you think the lamestream media will learn its lesson? Yeah, me neither.


Source: BOOM: Palin HAMMERS Horrible CNBC Debate Moderator … Her 8-Word Slam Was MERCILESS