If you don’t think the mainstream media is in the pocket for Hillary 2016, what NBC is doing to sanitize Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky should do the trick.

According to the folks over at this network, Hillary’s hubby, Bill, you know the former president, only ‘allegedly’ had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Yeah. They really went there.

Check out how Donald Trump responded.

From Breitbart:

While interviewing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday, “The Today’s Show’s” precious sunflower Savannah Guthrie described Clinton’s well-documented and admitted-to affair with Monica Lewinsky as “alleged.” Trump immediately jumped down her lying throat.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

“You mention Monica Lewinsky,” Guthrie asked. “Are you saying an alleged extra-marital affair, that of course he has now admitted, is that fair game?”

“Is it alleged? I don’t think that’s alleged,” Trump pounced. …

“No, he’s admitted it, he’s admitted it,” Guthrie agreed.

“If he’s admitted it, you don’t have to use the word alleged,” Trump replied.

“Right, exactly,” Guthrie said. “Are you saying an extramarital affair by Bill Clinton is fair game, is something that you think should be in the campaign?”

Good grief.

The shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky is not an “alleged” affair. He did it. It’s a fact that’s been proven and admitted to.

Liberals are so scared of the GOP, so frightened by the prospect of losing their grip on the White House, the media has resorted to lying about clearly documented historical facts.

Watch Video below:


Source: LIES! NBC Calls Bill Clinton Affair “Alleged” Trump Immediately Responds With THIS