Why are we even having this discussion?

It is incomprehensible that we are having this debate in this country: whether or not someone who believes in Sharia Law should be president of the United States. But that is exactly what Ben Carson was forced defend on CNN. If the left really, truly sees this as a legitimate question I wonder if Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would answer it? Every person, whether they agree with the Constitution or not, should be able to hold the highest office in this land? Oops! That’s exactly what we have now.

 As The Blaze reports, Ben Carson’s campaign manager literally shut down a CNN interview on Sunday as anchor Jake Tapper grilled the Republican presidential candidate on his views on Muslims.

Asked about his recent remark that he wouldn’t “advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson clarified his statement by saying he would “have problems with somebody who embraced all the doctrines associated with Islam.”

You seem to be signaling out Muslims as individuals who automatically, as a knee-jerk, would put their religion ahead of the country,” Tapper said to Carson. “I think that offended a lot of people, including a lot of patriotic Muslims.”

“You’re an African-American. You know what it’s like for people to make false assumptions about you,” Tapper said. “And you seem to be doing the same thing with Muslims. … You’re assuming that Muslim Americans put their religion ahead of the country.”

“I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States,” Carson shot back.

Immediately after Carson’s answer, a voice of Carson’s campaign manager could be heard off camera stating, “This interview is over.”

Source: Ben Carson storms out of CNN interview over Muslim question – Allen B. West –