This will make you want to shout!

A female Muslim journalist from Qatar brought a new angle to the immigration debate recently when she reportedly wrote a column for a Kuwaiti newspaper arguing that Muslims have no right to criticize GOP front-runner Donald Trump over his proposal to temporarily halt Islamic immigration to the United States.

“It is strange that we (Muslims) believe we have the right to condemn such statements rather than address the implications of some of our extremist curricula, our education, and our regimes, and be ashamed (of them),” journalist Nadine Al-Budair wrote in the daily newspaper Al Rai, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“It is strange that we condemn (the West) instead of addressing what is happening in our midst,” she continued. “It is strange that we condemn instead of apologizing to the world.”

It is strange indeed.

Al-Budair went on to ask her readers to imagine how they would react if Christians acted the way Muslims frequently do.

How would they react, for instance, if Christians slaughtered Muslims without any sense of remorse; if Christian pastors used loudspeakers to call Muslims “infidels”; and if Christians blessed by their host nation’s visas, benefits and health care turned around and killed their hosts on behalf of the Cross?

“How would you react if a European blew up a theater in your city or a café that your son frequents?” she asked. “What would you do if you heard curses against your religion and faith every Sunday, as they hear (against theirs) from some of our imams on Fridays and other days?”

She added that Muslims have been able to travel to the West “for years without any fear or worry” courtesy the West’s tolerance, but that this tolerance was slowly fading due to a very legitimate reason — the stubborn refusal by many Muslims to admit the radical nature of their religion.

Source: BOOM: Muslim Journalist Issues BOMBSHELL Statement, Leaves Trump Fans Cheering