He is so right!

When some entertainers achieve fame and fortune, it often seems as though their life revolves around material things, especially around Christmas. With most pop culture stars being pretty liberal, it’s rare to hear from one about the true reason for Christmas and how they make sure, despite wealth and stardom, that they and their families remember the biblical reason for our celebration this time of year.

Country music star Luke Bryan was recently asked about his family’s Christmas plans and, specifically, how Bryan and his wife, Caroline, keep their sons focused on the true meaning of the holiday.

In the interview with Rare Country, the former ACM Entertainer of the Year said that it went beyond just keeping them focused during Christmastime.

“We talk about the real reason for the holidays … heck, Jesus! We try to stress, every day, stress to them, the importance of Jesus and Christianity and being a good person and believing in higher powers,” Bryan said.

“I think during Christmastime, with kids, they get wrapped up in Santa Claus and stuff, so I think it’s fun that you sit back and really try to have a talk with them about the real reason,” he continued.

Bryan’s message was so important not because he’s a country music superstar, but because it is too easy to lose our focus this time of year with presents, family gatherings and the hustle that comes with the end of the year. It’s not just kids, either; adults get distracted, too.

We all need to be reminded of the true reason for Christmas, and having that reminder come from a famous musician makes it even better — and even more likely that liberal naysayers will hear it, even if they won’t listen to it.


Source: BOOM: Luke Bryan Drops an EPIC Truth Bomb on Liberals Just in Time for Christmas