John Rhys-Davies is known for his 200-plus acting roles in movies and television. Perhaps his most well-known role was as the dwarf “Gimli” in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Although Rhys-Davies is a familiar face in Hollywood, his recent comments regarding the Muslim “refugee” crisis in an interview with Breitbart definitely isn’t the “political correctness” we have grown to expect from actors.

In the interview, Rhys-Davies was asked about the migrant crisis of Muslims in Europe.

“(B)ecause most, I would think probably four in five of the migrants trying to get in to Europe at the moment, are economic migrants,” he explained. “They are not really fleeing from persecution, they’re just coming to get a better life. You can’t blame them for that, but the numbers in which they’ve come will change Western societies.”

He’s right about that. We have already seen how these “refugees” have affected Western countries, including the United States.

Rhys-Davies also pointed out that countries taking in refugees must have a plan to deal with the influx of Muslims.

“The thing is, we’re so damned afraid of being branded as racist, or migrant-haters, or whatever, that we’re afraid to put up sensible suggestions,” he said.

The actor has his own plan for dealing with the migrants:

“There is no reason why migrants coming to a country should not be given temporary refuge with the understanding and assurance that they will go back to their countries,” he explained. “There is no reason why, for instance, we cannot be ruthlessly pragmatic and simply say, ‘This area here is a peaceful area. Anyone who imperils that will have a quarter of their village or town or city obliterated.’”

Rhys-Davies continued, there is an “elephant” in the room when discussing refugees and it must be addressed.

“The problem is Islam itself,” he said. “(H)ow do we put Islam to the moral test of the West?” he questioned.

“If, in order to rationalize your faith, you’ve got to admit that yes, technically speaking, the holy Prophet Mohammed did justify slavery and because of that, that should apply now, you have no place in Western society. You are not a Westerner. You have no right to be part of the concerns of modern humanity. You have sacrificed it.”

Source: BOOM: “Lord of the Rings” Actor Drops EPIC Truth Bomb About Muslim “Refugees”… It’s Going Viral