Just the idea of a GoFundMe page for THIS millionaire is sickening.

Egotistical singer and rapper Kanye West recently used Twitter to publicly beg Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for help with his alleged $53 million business debt.

Amazingly enough, this pathetic solicitation inspired one of West’s fans to actually start up a GoFundMe page in his honor — and as far as we can tell, he wasn’t even being ironic about it, although that’s honestly a little difficult to believe.

“Kanye West, prolific entertainer/fashion icon/celebrity/member of the Kardashian family needs our help!” the fan, Jeremy Piatt, wrote on Kanye’s GoFundMe campaign page.


Unfortunately for the ostensible “Dumb and Dumber” duo, the plan backfired big time. According to TMZ, West announced that he would not accept any of the money, meaning it must be returned to the people who donated.

But something else also happened … something rather amazing.

Many people decided to donate small amounts to Kanye’s GoFundMe page just so they could leave a public comment urging people to donate to their own much more deserving campaigns.

Donation Requests From Kanye's GoFundMe Page

“Instead of donating to a multi-millionaire, please donate to a 6-year-old girl with cancer,” wrote donor Tiffany Kozak, who then linked viewers to the GoFundMe page of cancer victim Emily Grace.

A total of 817 people made donations to the campaign, and while many of them used the platform to follow Kozak’s lead and link viewers to more deserving campaigns, some of them did the type of thing self-centered blowhard Kanye West would do: They advertised their own businesses and money-making schemes.

Overall, Piatt’s plan to redistribute the hard-earned money of Americans into the pockets of West worked — but in the most serendipitous of ways. It worked in that it allowed those in need to get their own voices heard.

It also worked by exposing West to what real suffering looks like. We hope for his soul’s take that he was paying attention.

Source: BOOM: Kanye’s GoFundMe Account Just Backfired In a Huge Way