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This article is timely and spot on. This is something I have been saying for years. Hillary thinks this will win for her in 2016 and it is also part of Jeb Bush’s political calculations. The lax voter ID laws will allow illegal immigrants to create and get away with massive amounts of voter fraud. The very fact that they are here at all will swing elections as well. Population determines House seats, those in turn determine the electoral votes. There are now soooo many illegal aliens in California, that if they weren’t gaming the system with their immigrant population, they would lose 5 seats right off the bat. If the illegal immigrants were not counted, it would give the Republicans the upper hand and they can’t have that. Unless of course you are progressive like Jeb Bush. This is all for votes and power – Constitution, country and borders be damned.

From the Conservative Tribune:

When we think about illegal immigrants swinging an election to the Democrats, our minds immediately go to voter fraud, where undocumented immigrants can cast ballots thanks to lax voter ID laws.

However, illegal immigrants could steal the presidential election for Hillary Clinton without a single one of them ever casting a vote. In fact, all they have to do is be here.

Politico ran a story this Saturday detailing how this could happen. As I hope you know, the presidency isn’t decided by direct election, but rather the Electoral College. Each state is worth a certain number of electoral votes depending on the number of congressmen it has.

Representation in the House, as you also hopefully know, is determined by the census. Under a process known as reapportionment, states which gain population gain seats, states which lose population lose seats. So far, so basic.

However, under the 14th Amendment, congressional reapportionment is determined by the “whole number of persons in each state,” no matter what their legal status is.

You may perhaps begin to see the problem here.

According to American University scholar Leonard Steinhorn, if illegal immigrants were not counted in the “whole number of persons in each state,” California would suffer the most, losing five House seats. New York and Washington would also lose one each. In national elections, all three of these states are generally bluer than a Smurf.

Texas would be the only Republican stronghold to lose seats if illegal immigrants weren’t counted towards reapportionment, with two seats lost. However, Florida — a swing state which a GOP candidate must win under almost any foreseeable scenario to have a chance in the electoral vote — would also lose one vote.

Where would those ten votes go? According to the same study, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Three of those states — Iowa, Pennsylvania and Michigan — generally vote Democratic.  Five of them — Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and Oklahoma — typically vote heavily Republican.

That leaves two swing states, North Carolina and Ohio. As Politico points out, polls in Ohio have been leaning GOP for 2016.

Also, North Carolina’s status as a swing state mostly stems from Obama carrying it in 2008, by 0.3 percent of the vote. In that election, he beat John McCain by 7 percent nationally. In 2012, Obama lost North Carolina by a little over a point to Romney, in spite of beating him by three and a half points nationally.

Add that up, and it would be a four-point swing to the Republicans if illegal immigrants weren’t counted. Not a staggering number, but certainly enough to swing an election. Just ask Al Gore.

So, there you have it — concrete proof that illegal immigrants don’t even have to vote for Hillary to steal 2016. If there were any doubts that the Democrats’ lax policies on immigration are cynical opportunism at its ugliest, these numbers should erase them. And keep in mind, they’re only going to get worse.

Source: Hillary’s Secret Plan to Steal the 2016 Election Was Just Revealed : #patriotupdate @patriotupdate