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Turnabout is fair play….

A group of House Republicans have introduced legislation designed at de-militarizing certain federal agencies that have developed law enforcement teams over the years. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 gave many federal organizations the ability to establish their own police-like divisions over the years to carry out raids, and this has many GOP lawmakers thinking the act went too far, according to the Washington Examiner.

Offices like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Food and Drug Administration have established teams that could conduct their own raids and arrests.

On Wednesday, Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah said: “I understand that federal agents must be capable of protecting themselves, but what we have observed goes far beyond providing necessary protection.”

“When there are genuinely dangerous situations involving federal law, that’s the job of the Department of Justice, not regulatory agencies like the FDA or the Department of Education,” he added.

He pointed to an incident in 2010 when the FDA conducted an armed raid against a grocery store accused of selling raw milk. He also said the Department of Education and the Bureau of Land Management have organized similar armed raids.

“Not only is it overkill, but having these highly armed units within dozens of agencies is duplicative, costly, heavy handed, dangerous and destroys any sense of trust between citizens and the federal government,” he said.

His proposed legislation, the Regulatory Agency De-militarization Act, would repeal the authorization for these types of agencies to arrest individuals. It would also take away their ability to purchase and own firearms.

The bill would furthermore require reports detailing every agency that receives military training.

Source: BOOM: GOP Lawmakers Make Massive Move to Confiscate Guns… FROM OBAMA