Those behind the hatred-filled movement “F*** Yo Flag” had vowed to execute their plans on Sept. 11, 2015. (Watch that video here.) Their goal was to gather as many supporters as possible to burn American flags and any other symbol that they deemed “racist.”

In several different twitter messages, a user known as Nocturnus Libertus posted that 2,500 people came out to support the #FYF911 movement.

However, they had trouble uploading any images as proof of this self-proclaimed “historic event”…

They then blamed the government for “blocking transmissions” as an excuse for not having any photos to share.

Sounds reasonable. But then the truth came out.

Although the twitter messages had reported that dozens of police vehicles and MRAPs (Mine-Resistent Ambush Protected vehicles) had been deployed to control the crowd, the photo below shows what actually happened:



Yes, only 8 idiots showed up to this MASSIVE rally, outnumbered by an extremely light police force. Oh, and no MRAPs were there — not one. Everything that Nocturnus Libertus tweeted about was a lie (H/T WZ).

Which, of course, is nothing new. Pretty much everything these protesters have ever posted to social media has been a lie. This was just the most easily exposed.

This had to have been the biggest fail in “hate activism” history. In fact, after a short while even those eight people were sent home…

Americans can never forget what happened on 9/11. There is no amount of stupidity that will be able to turn that date into a celebration of hate. It is about remembrance, and how Americans of all colors united across the nation…

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