A legal immigrant, Francisco Rivera, delivered an impassioned speech Monday night to the Huntington Park City Council in protest of the city’s recent decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Rivera is originally from Jalisco, Mexico, and migrated to the United States legally. He is opposed to the decision to honor those who have broken the laws of this country.

“You shouldn’t get special treatment or get rewarded if you break federal laws by coming illegally,” he said.

During his speech, Rivera stood in front of the crowd and introduced himself: “Who am I? I’m a guy that has been volunteering, cleaning up for our city for many years now.”

Rivera spoke of his 35 years working in this country, taking down ads, graffiti, cleaning up trash. He does the work most would turn their nose up at.

Then Rivera switched gears and began speaking about the illegal aliens getting appointed to city commissions.

“I never even knew these guys existed ’til now! I’ve never seen them in my life!” he said. “All of a sudden they’re going to get rewarded by breaking federal laws, ladies and gentlemen?”

He even attacked the city on its fiduciary duties.

“And if I’m not mistaken, I ask myself — doesn’t the City of Huntington Park receive federal money? But yet, you break federal laws! Or, you reward people that break federal laws,” he explained.

Rivera exercised his right to speak out in the face of injustice, and his words  made a valid point challenging those who choose to live in this country but not abide by its laws.

“We are a country, yes. But in this country we have laws and rules and regulations that need to be followed. How can we become — how can we be a great nation when we reward people that come to this country illegally?”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Breitbart:


Source: BOOM: City Hires 2 Illegals As Commissioners… Latino Immigrant Delivers EPIC Reply