New Jersey governor and GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie has had enough with Black Lives Matter protesters, and he has a stern message for them — don’t come knocking on his door for an audience.

“I want the Black Lives Matter people to understand: Don’t call me for a meeting,” Christie said, according to NJ Advance Media. “You’re not getting one.”

The candidate made the comments during an event at Mickey’s Country Café in Bettendorf, Iowa. He also took a huge shot at certain Democrats’ implicit support of the group.“When a movement like that calls for the murder of police officers,” Christie said, “no president of the United States should dignify a group like that by saying anything positive about them.

“No candidate for president, like Hillary Clinton, should give them any credibility by meeting with them, as she’s done.”

While Clinton did meet with the Black Lives Matter protesters, it didn’t go quite as planned, with many media sources citing a tense meeting and Clinton appearing out of touch. (You don’t say.)

“I appreciate their passion, but I’m sorry they didn’t listen, because some of what they’ve been demanding, I am offering and intend to fight for as president,” Clinton said after Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a speech of hers in Atlanta.

Christie bashed President Obama on crime last week, both in a speech in Camden while Obama was visiting another part of New Jersey and during an MSNBC interview. But much of his fire Wednesday was aimed at the Democrat front-runner and her micromanaging of putative “town hall” events.

“It would be wrong for me to say who does town halls like that,” he said. “I shouldn’t say the person’s name, but her initials are Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

“We cannot let Hillary Rodham Clinton be the next president of the Untied States,” he later added.

Source: BOOM: Chris Christie UNLEASHES on Obama and “Black Lives Matter” With the Truth No One Else Will Say