Legendary singer Art Garfunkel, from the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, had a lot to say to the U.K. Daily Mail this weekend about the massive influx of Muslims into Europe.

“Look, I’m not going to make any judgments about this, but I want you Europeans to see that the changing face of Britain, of Germany and all over Europe is happening,” Garfunkel stated during an interview with reporter Sebastian Shakespeare.

It’s becoming much more Muslim,” he said. “These are the facts.”

He added that one need only “look at the shopkeepers” and “look at the dry cleaners” to see that Europe is turning into an Islamic continent.

Garfunkel also cited a book by Christopher Caldwell, an American journalist who finds it “chilling” that Europeans refuse to host an open and honest debate about the risks of importing an unlimited numbers of Muslims into Europe, lest they be accused of engaging in Islamophobia.

Furthermore, according to the Daily Express, earlier this month a Syrian operative claimed that the Islamic State group had managed to smuggle 4,000 militants disguised as refugees into Europe.

Garfunkel’s interview, published on Sept. 20, coincided with the Obama administration’s announcement of its decision to increase the number of Muslim refugees it plans to allow into the United States over the next few years.

Source: BOOM: Art Garfunkel Issues HUGE Statement on Muslims That Will Get Him Labled “Hater” for Sure

Photo: Adam Schartoff