Logic and reason trump emotion every time.

Americans were stunned on Thursday when a gunman opened fire on the campus of the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, killing nine and wounding at least seven others.

Americans were just as shocked when, just hours later and before hardly any of the facts had been revealed, President Barack Obama addressed the nation to rant against gun rights and the Second Amendment, calling for more useless gun control.

But former Florida congressman and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen B. West took exception to Obama’s “gun safety” rant, and, noting that a good leader waits for all of the facts before making proclamations, suggested he should be more concerned with “human safety.”

Referencing the concerns of a college professor friend in Pittsburgh who is compelled to go to work everyday in a gun-free zone, West pointed out how these zones do little more than disarm law-abiding citizens and give criminals a distinct advantage over their potential victims.

West also dismissed Obama’s claimed passion about “gun safety,” asking “if this is about new gun safety laws, then Mr. President, explain to us the immense gun violence in your hometown of Chicago,” or in Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, all of which have strict gun control laws.

Obama chose to denigrate law-abiding citizens and speak about further infringing upon their rights, all the while completely ignoring the evil individual who actually pulled the trigger and took the lives of those innocent students and teachers.

Source: BOOM: Allen West Destroys Gun-Grabber Obama in 1 Question…”If Oregon Is About Gun Control, Then Explain…”