A horrifying 19-minute video uploaded to YouTube on Monday showed Western citizens exactly what lies in store for their respective homelands if the nonstop influx of Muslim immigrants and refugees by our feckless, Islam-appeasing leaders is not put to an immediate stop.

“We’re afraid!” one woman could be heard pleading near the beginning of the video. “We’re in danger every day, every minute. They’re coming inside. They want to kill each other. You have to do something!”

But it may be too late for her and many others in parts of Europe where the refugee crisis has grown to such epic proportions that refugees have pretty much already taken over some areas.

“There are increasing groups of people who are essentially asking the question, ‘If the political establishment continues to get its way, in five, in 10, in 20 years time, how many Germans are going to be left in Germany?’” a man featured in the video asked.

“How many French people are going to be left in France? How many English people left in England?”

How many Americans will be left here in 20 years if we start going down the same path as the Europeans?

With that said, this insanity is likely soon coming to a neighborhood near you, courtesy of President Barack Hussein Obama:  WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

Source: Chilling Video Reveals SHOCKING Truth About Obama’s Refugee Plan… Spread This Everywhere