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BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins has a new book coming out. You might have heard something about it as it’s being pushed everywhere though it’s light on actual new reveals.

McKay wasn’t kind enough to give me a credit or to send me a copy of the book gratis but I’m a source in it…

One of the bigger non-reveals reveals is that Rubio likes to sleep around. This is well known in Tallahassee and even D.C. circles but I guess now everyone else is talking about it.

I wonder if the Rubio PAC that got $40,000 to look into allegations Rubio was sleeping around was the same PAC that received a $300,000 bribe from a casino connection of David Rivera’s?

Coppins insists that these Rubio “zipper” rumors come from the Bush campaign. They don’t. The Bush campaign didn’t know of a lot of them when I spoke to my friends there…

Here’s what really happened. McKay promised his publisher some salacious stuff about Marco Rubio. He called me numerous times but couldn’t actually get it together. It got so annoying that I may have even messed with him a little. I’m told he didn’t even go to Tallahassee where the Rubio rumors originated. (Rubio has a thing for pretty lobbyists.)

No one has ever vetted Rubio. That’s why I’ve sent out private eyes to investigate his past…

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