If true, this would be a very despicable thing!

Bombshell information regarding the incident at the South Carolina high school where Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields ripped an uncooperative black student from her seat suggests that the whole stunt was a set-up from the get-go.

“When I saw Deputy Fields, that’s when I told them to get the cameras out,” were the words, spoken by Spring Valley High student Niya Kenny to The State newspaper, that put this whole case in a new light.

This young lady — who was arrested when she protested the deputy’s actions — basically ordered her peers to pull out their cameras and record the incident before it had even begun. Considering that the videos wound up going viral and sparking outrage from liberals across the country, it stands to reason that the whole thing was pre-planned.

Furthermore, the girl who was actually pulled from her seat has received $43,599 from a GoFundMe donation page and returned to school, while Kenny herself has reportedly received $3,326 from a GoFundMe page of her own.

Both girls profited immensely from this whole incident, whereas Deputy Fields pretty much lost everything, including his career.

Given this information, it seems very possible that the two girls purposefully schemed from the very beginning to provoke Fields and create an incident that would allow them to garner national attention and procure some monetary profit. Apparently, the trick worked, because the liberal mainstream media fell hook, line and sinker for their sob stories.

What’s extremely telling, however, is that even their own peers disagreed. On Friday, for instance, hundreds of Spring Valley School students of various races staged a peaceful walkout in support of Deputy Fields.

Source: BREAKING: Police Officer Fired For “Slamming” Student May Have Been Set Up… Media Is Hiding This