Boehner to move on deeply unpopular bills, House conservatives warn


House Speaker John Boehner’s surprise resignation Friday will not necessarily help House conservatives pass their agenda, but it will enable Boehner to garner the Democrat votes he needs to pass legislation that is deeply unpopular with the Republican base, House conservatives told the Washington Examiner.

In a Friday meeting, Boehner told loyalists that he wants to move a transportation bill, Ex-Im Bank legislation, and maybe a “broader budget deal” before he leaves, according to reports…

The plan to “break the budget caps … and to bypass the entire budget process” had already been underway “for four or five months,” said Brat, a member of the House budget committee. “That is the key point,” he said, adding that earlier this year, they’d finished work on a budget that balanced in 10 years, but the GOP started passing spending bills that ignored the budget they’d passed.

Boehner will likely receive 100 to 150 Democrat votes to pass a clean continuing resolution (CR) next week, which would have caused around 100 Republicans to pressure for the passage of Rep. Mark Meadows’ “Vacate the Chair” motion, had he not resigned Friday, said Brat…

He said that he experienced first-hand the traditional “circus … [that] blows up every week before Christmas” last year when Cantor unexpectedly resigned.

“I was there last time on the CRomnibus — 800 pages to read in 2 days, and I saw the logic there very clearly, and I said it in townhalls ever since,” said Brat, who said he’d anticipated the “exact same thing happening this year, and low and behold, it’s happening again.”

“To get members to bust the budget caps, they have to threaten a Christmas-vacation shutdown for members of Congress,” said Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., who was removed from the Rules committee last year after opposing Boehner. “Heaven help the speaker who replaces John Boehner and goes along with that charade.”

Source: Boehner to move on deeply unpopular bills, House conservatives warn | Washington Examiner