Buy guns and ammo. Always be prepared, because Black Lives Matter savages will start creeping up on you! At least that is the message the Racist New Black Panthers have for police. They stood outside a Houston jail and screamed and hollered at the police saying they “will start creeping up on you in the darkness.” It seems as if they have already been doing quite a bit of creeping up. They are a bunch of violent, racist, race baiters who have already begun their murder spree. The best advice to everyone is to arm up and watch out for black people creeping up on you under the cover of darkness. If they creep up on you, defend yourself.

Threatening the police that they would creep up on them wasn’t the extent of their ebonic rant. Using the word off as a verb, like only a ghetto thug can, they chanted in unison, “The revolution is on! Off the pigs! Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!” We’re not describing a bunch of honor students here, we’re talking about blacks who have been purposefully dumbed down by liberals to enslave as voters. Keeping a group of people stupid and dependent on government also makes them sheepish and prone to group think. The black community has become a large group of brainwashed people who are easily swayed by the power of suggestion to do whatever the loudest one among them says.

They have been brainwashed of any ability to think independently. Culturally, the left has turned the black community into a race of puppets. They empower a few puppet masters to pull all of the strings.

The puppet masters are being upgraded. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t getting the air time they are used to having. The people of Ferguson, Missouri actually sent Sharpton packing. These race baiters aren’t violent enough to foment the true hate that the Obama Administration wants. The division has to be deep enough to cause a race war. Sharpton’s and Jackson’s days of merely demanding a piece of the pie are over. Violence is the goal now and they need new leadership to bring that about. New puppet masters. People like Deray McKesson, whose only claim to fame is quitting his job to become a full time hater and agitator. You won’t see Deray actually committing the violence he advocates. He likes to let others do the really dirty work while he sits back in the clear. He’s a coward.

Deray was an inspiration to the recent murderer, Vester Lee Flanagan who shot and killed two journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward and then also wounded Vicki Gardner, the innocent woman being interviewed at the time. Some were saying that Deray and Vester followed one another on Twitter, but that’s hard to confirm now that Vester’s account is suspended. Right after the shooting, Deray, the chicken that he is, tried to distance himself and the Black Lives Matter organization from the evil murders that his group inspired by claiming that Vester was white. He tweeted, “Some say ‘disgruntled employee,’ others say ‘terrorist.’ Whiteness will explain away nearly anything.” He later deleted his tweet when his lie proved to be too blatant to cover up. No one said “terrorist” and no one said “disgruntled employee.” Everyone said, black, racist, homosexual, just as Vester’s manifesto described himself. Vester also claimed to be starting a race war. This is what Deray wants. He’s just unwilling to be the patsy when there are plenty of willing pawns to do his bidding for him.

vester flanagan

A good example of a new age, black puppet master is former New Black Panther Party Chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz. He recently told a group of fellow Black Lives Matter savages that they “need to finish the mission of killing slave masters and their G** D*** families.” Again, like the other Black Lives Matter leaders who are willing to talk the talk, he is too afraid to walk the walk. His intention is to pull the puppet strings of the blacks whose lives don’t matter, inspiring them to commit violence.

Over and over again the black leadership inspires their minions to go out and kill in the name of Black Lives Matter. The first actual killing under the Black Lives Matter banner was done by Ismaaiyl Brinsley. He shot his ex-girlfriend dead in Baltimore, then drove to New York where he killed Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, two New York City police officers. This put a lot of smiles on the faces of a lot of bigots in the leadership of Black Lives Matter.

Original source: Black Lives Are Expendable to Black Leaders