Dr. Ben Carson recently made comments on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that had the liberal media in an outrage, but apparently resonated well with voters.

The GOP presidential candidate, a Seventh-day Adventist, said he would not support a Muslim in the White House if that person put his belief in the laws of Islam before the precepts set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

In the interview, Carson correctly pointed out that the Islamic faith is often inconsistent with our nation’s rule of law.

In true form, the liberal media immediately attacked Dr. Carson over the comments. Perhaps they were hoping that by pointing out these comments, Dr. Carson’s presidential bid would suffer — but quite the opposite happened.

In the days following this interview, Dr. Carson’s fundraising money has reportedly been increasing.

“A super PAC supporting his (Carson’s) candidacy reported a surge in donations since his remarks … about whether he would support a Muslim for president,” according to The Washington Times.

Dr. Carson later said that the money was coming in so fast that “it’s hard to even keep up with.”

Despite the liberal media’s obvious attempts to brand Dr. Carson as “backward” or “Islamaphobic,” fundraising evidence points toward the idea that American voters tend to agree with the neurosurgeon, particularly regarding his comments on having a Muslim in the White House.

It’s hard not to agree with Dr. Carson. In fact, it should be common-sense. The president of the United States must always protect the Constitution above any other rule of law — including the tenants of Islam. Carson has a valid concern that Muslims would not set aside those tenants and act in accordance with our nation’s rule of law. Let’s hope these tenants remain part of the highest office in the United States.

Source: Ben Carson Slams Muslims… Looks What Immediately Happened to His Funds