Ben Carson Evicerates Liberal Media, Refers to Them as 'Used Car Salesmen' Click to Tweet

During a Friday luncheon at the National Press Club, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson bashed the media and vowed to “expose” them throughout his presidential run.

According to TheWashington Examiner‘s Al Weaver, Carson blamed the press for blowing his comments about how he would never support a Muslim president and how he would have fought back against the Oregon shooter out of proportion.

“There is only one business in America that is protected by the Constitution, and that is the press,” he said. “They were supposed to expose and inform the people in a non-partisan way. When they become partisan, which they are, they distort the system as it was supposed to work. And they allow the side that they pick to get away with all kinds of things.”

“I gotta tell you guys, that’s why people don’t trust you anymore,” he continued. “I mean, you’re down there with used car salesmen.”

Source: Carson Bashes Reporters, Likens Them to ‘Used Car Salesmen’ | Mediaite