ISIS HATES this Beauty Queen... 'Anonymous Hacktivist' Now Helping U.S. to Fight Terror Click to Tweet

Photo Credit: Twitter

Lara Abdallat, who won Miss Jordan in 2010 and was first runner-up in Miss Arab in 2011, has left Hacktivist group Anonymous to join Ghost Security, a group of online activist who liaise with the US Government via intermediary Kronos Advisory Group.

Anonymous confirmed the beauty queen’s departure and revealed her involvement in the identifying and targeting of Isis-affiliated social media accounts earlier this month, which led to the suspension of 900 Twitter profiles.

She reportedly contributed to preventing a potential attack in Tunisia and severed two Islamic State web platforms which were used to distribute information among the group.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Source: Beauty queen Lara Abdallat Anonymous hacktivist helping US gov to fight Isis | Metro News