Battles break out in the US as shoppers clash over Black Friday deals Click to Tweet

Slashed prices caused chaos across America as desperate Black Friday shoppers battled to snap up the latest deals

Shocking scenes erupted in Louisville, Kentucky, the home of Muhammad Ali, after two men began punching each other as hundreds of shoppers looked on.

As the fight erupted, a woman was knocked to the ground as the men are seen grappling with each other in an effort to subdue one another.

Police were forced to intervene to break up the pair after the men had gone toe-to-toe with their bags lying nearby.

In the Florence Mall, in Florence, Kentucky, a huge brawl broke out off involving more than dozen youths.

Black friday in the U.S
Fights: Violence kicked off in the early hours of Black Friday in the US

A police officer broke up the fight, as shown in the footage, which lasts at least 30 seconds. It’s unclear what sparked the fight.

Elsewhere across the country numerous clips of violence were posted on social media show fights breaking out with one showing a group of young teenagers punching each other outside a shop.

One woman was filmed ripping a vegetable steamer from the arms of a tiny child in Saginaw, Michigan.