No one expected this… least of all, the terrorists.

When radical Islamist terrorists opened fired during a concert inside the Bataclan theater in Paris, nearly 90 people lost their lives.

Elsa Delplace, 35, was among them — but her final actions were nothing short of heroic.

When police officers and other rescuers secured the building, a 5-year-old boy was discovered hidden under Delplace’s lifeless body, and it soon became clear that the mother had sacrificed herself to save him, according to U.K. Daily Mail.

Delplace and her mother, Patricia San Martin, along with Delplace’s son, Louis, were attending an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the theater when the massacre began.

Delplace used her body as a shield to protect Louis from the Islamic State terrorists, ultimately giving her life to do so. San Martin, 61, also died during the attack.

Delplace’s friend, Sihem Souid, recently wrote about the family as a tribute to the victims in French magazine, Le Point.

“Elsa Delplace and her mother Patricia died on Friday under a hail of bullets inside the Bataclan,” Souid wrote.

“Her son Louis, her ray of sunshine, was with her,” she wrote. When Louis was found, he was “distraught and covered in his mother’s blood as she tried to protect him from the bullets,” Souid explained.

The writer described her friend as “a joyous person who always had a smile on her lips, even at difficult times.” She commented on Delplace’s involvement in the “voluntary, cultural and artistic worlds,” noting that the woman “played the cello brilliantly.”

“She always fought against injustice,” Souid wrote. “I think it was part of her family — her Chilean mother fled the dictatorship of Pinochet.”

Source: Paris Terrorists Left Her Face Down And Dead… But A Stunning Secret Lay Under Her Body