Armed Texans Who Surrounded Mosque Make Next Move... Nearby Muslims Are TERRIFIED Click to Tweet


A group of protesters that surrounded an Irving, Texas, mosque with both placards and AR-15s last week have made their next move, posting the names and addresses of men and women who spoke out in favor of a Shariah law court in the city earlier this year.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Bureau of American-Islamic Relations, the group that protested outside the Islamic Center of Irving, obtained and published a list of residents who spoke out against an anti-Shariah measure at a March city council meeting.

The measure, which resolved to enforce a Texas law prohibiting Shariah law from being used in disputes, passed by a 5-4 margin, according to Breitbart. The measure was controversial because Irving was to be host to the Islamic Tribunal, the first exclusive Shariah court in the United States.

Now, the names of those who spoke out against the measure and in favor of Shariah have had their names and addresses published on the Facebook page of BAIR chairman David Wright. Wright got the information from a public Irving document which he copied.

In his Facebook post, Wright said he was publishing the “name and address of every Muslim and Muslim sympathizer that stood up for … Shariah tribunals in Irving.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations immediately condemned the list…

Source: Armed Texans Who Surrounded Mosque Make Next Move… Nearby Muslims Are TERRIFIED