An anti-Islam politician has come up with what may be the best anti-refugee shirt ever made.This is amazing, but already there are people who want it banned. I need to order mine today!

The German political establishment is pushing to have criminal charges brought against a man who is organizing anti-immigration rallies in the wake of the New Year rape attacks.

Many have heard of the widespread rape that occurred in Cologne, Germany, in the early morning of New Year’s day. This happened in several other European cities as well, and Europeans are not taking it well.

In response to the righteous anger many Germans were feeling, the mayor of Cologne was quick to take action: blame the victims, and force upon them a “code of conduct” so they would be harder to take advantage of.

Even the officials higher-up seemed untouched. Although concerned, they expressed a far deeper worry about the supposed propagation of “hate speech,” as opposed to seeking justice for the victims. So far, only 12 people have been arrested.

The Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (known by its German acronym PEGIDA), rallied a 4,000-man march in Cologne on Saturday in an attempt to emphasize the need for freedom for women.

In this, they made shirts. The shirts read “Rapefugees Not Welcome.”

You can imagine how the liberal government reacted to that.

Although it took the German government a full four days to react to the rape-fest within its own borders, it wasted absolutely no time in seeking out prosecution for this man, Lutz Bachmann, and his organization.

Jurgen Kasek, Green party lawyer and politician, called the T-shirt “not a satire. That is sedition,” in the local newspaper.

Can we all pause for a moment and breathe in the real-world Orwellian situation here? We couldn’t imagine a society that prosecutes people for the words they say, but here we are—staring down the barrel of liberal fascism. Who will stand against it? THIS man and others like him. Will you be one of them?

Source: Anti-Islam Politician INFURIATES Muslims With VERY Controversial Shirt Many Want Banned