Anti-Islam Terror Demonstrators Take To The Streets Of France Click to Tweet

In the wake of the Islamist terror attacks in Paris, one group of Frenchmen took to the streets demanding the expulsion of Islamists from the country.

As demonstrators gathered in the city of Lille to show their solidarity with the people of Paris, a group of protestors who have been linked to the “identitarian” movement joined them, lighting flares and holding a banner saying “Expel the Islamists”.

Europe1 says their presence was not welcomed by some of the other protestors, however, with riot police forced to intervene to separate the demonstrators. Some were pushed back, with counter-protestors shouting “Out with the fascists” and booing the call to deport Islamists.

The identitarian movement is based on a political ideology that stresses national identity and traditional values, and opposes mass immigration. Unlike many similar movements, it has a large youth following, with protestors previously “occupying” a mosque at Poitiers and the Socialist Party headquarters – in a manner similar to the left-wing “Occupy Wall Street” protests.

Yesterday’s anti-Islamism protests have also been linked to the National Front Party, whose leader Marine Le Pen said the French people are “no longer safe” thanks to the Islamist threat.

Source: Anti-Islam Demonstrators Take To The Streets Of France